More Than 25 Montana Colleges and Universities to Receive Pandemic Funding, Tester Announces

Senator announces allocation of $32 million in funding for more than 25 schools to provide critical relief for higher education institutions, supply students with financial aid

U.S. Senator Jon Tester today announced the allocation of more than $32 million in critical relief funding for more than 25 Montana colleges and universities to mitigate shortfalls and provide financial aid to students during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tester announced this funding, made available through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act earlier this month.

“I’ve heard from educators across our state that the COVID-19 pandemic has dealt a huge blow to Montana’s colleges and universities, forcing them to close their doors to students and faculty,” said Tester. “So I fought to secure this funding so that our colleges and universities can weather this storm. We depend on these higher education institutions to teach our next generation of leaders, pursue advancements in research and technology, and drive our economy, so this funding is critical to helping them continue their work amid today’s uncertainty.”

Tester fought to include this funding as part of the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund within the CARES Act. Colleges and universities are facing shortfalls of millions of dollars due to COVID-19 as students vacate dorms, athletic events are cancelled, and schools and educators adapt and institute distance-learning programs. Higher education institutions can use these funds to bridge the gap and continue providing services to students.

Tester is announcing that the following Montana higher education institutions will receive funding, at least half of which is required to be provided to students in emergency financial aid grants:

  • Great Falls College Montana State University – $845,222
  • Helena College University Of Montana – $685,627
  • Montana Academy Of Salon – $152,333
  • Montana State University – Billings – $2,193,195
  • Montana State University – Northern – $911,258
  • Montana State University Bozeman – $10,560,079
  • Montana Technological University – $1,676,199
  • University Of Montana – $7,652,275
  • University Of Montana Western – $1,164,902
  • Flathead Valley Community College – $925,144
  • Carroll College – $941,622
  • Rocky Mountain College – $933,392
  • University Of Providence – $376,995
  • Salish Kootenai College – $832,524
  • Blackfeet Community College – $266,062
  • Chief Dull Knife College – $103,368
  • Stone Child College – $216,798
  • Fort Peck Community College – $151,493
  • Miles Community College – $246,778
  • Dawson Community College – $142,151
  • Aaniiih Nakoda College – $114,359
  • Little Big Horn College – $260,189
  • Bitterroot School Of Cosmetology – $60,612
  • Academy of Cosmetology – $43,527
  • Bold Beauty Academy – $151,384
  • Butte Academy Of Beauty Culture – $77,189
  • Crevier’s School of Cosmetology – $188,300
  • Pima Medical Institute – $340,233

Tester pushed Senate leadership to include colleges and universities in the coronavirus relief package, urging Congress to consider the importance of education in maintaining America’s global educational edge. The CARES Act provides needed relief to those with student debt and allows federal student loan borrowers to defer their loan payments through September 30 to eliminate that financial pressure during the pandemic. Tester’s bill ensuring no Montanan looking to qualify for Public Student Loan Forgiveness will be penalized for missing a payment during a national or public health emergency was also included in the CARES Act.

After 72 hours of negotiating for substantial, bipartisan improvements to COVID-19 stimulus legislation that had previously fallen far short, Tester voted to deliver critical, urgent relief to Montana workers, families, small businesses, hospitals and others hardest hit by the outbreak, including $1.25 billion for the state of Montana.

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