Montana is home to vast energy resources, and Jon believes in a robust energy portfolio that taps into all of them—natural gas, coal, geothermal, wind, solar, hydro—to create good-paying jobs, lower energy prices, and generate critical tax revenue for schools and infrastructure projects, while powering homes and businesses across the country.

Jon also knows the climate is changing. He sees it firsthand on his farm, where planting and harvesting seasons are beginning earlier each year. The increased uncertainty from changing weather patterns and more frequent natural disasters like droughts and fires threaten the bottom lines of family farms and ranches and jeopardize America’s food security.

Jon believes we need to act to build an energy economy that supports high-paying jobs and addresses the threat of climate change—an energy economy powered by Montana commonsense. That’s why Jon has worked across the aisle to introduce legislation that will help burn coal cleaner and capture the carbon emissions from coal-powered plants.

Through his bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, Jon secured significant investments to improve and modernize our electrical grid so we can support the next generation of energy. His bipartisan infrastructure law also bolsters clean energy research and development in the Montana University System.

But Jon knows that Montana commonsense means taking an all of-the-above approach to securing our energy future and lowering gas and fuel prices for consumers and businesses. That’s why he broke with his party and fought for more than a decade to support the Keystone XL Pipeline project, which will bring jobs and critical tax revenue to folks that live and work in rural Montana. He has sponsored bipartisan legislation that would reverse President Joe Biden’s decision to cancel they pipeline permit, and continues to work closely with Republicans, Democrats, Tribes, and all stakeholders to move the project forward.

Montana’s energy future is bright. Jon will work to keep these good-paying jobs, lower gas prices for Montanans, and protect clean air and clean water for future generations.

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