Thank you for your interest in serving the United States by attending a service academy.

Keep in mind that each academy has its own application process. You must meet these requirements and be accepted for admission to attend an academy. Nomination alone is not sufficient, as each academy reviews nominees to ensure they are scholastically and physically qualified. Visit the links below to learn more about applying to each academy.

Please note: A congressional nomination is not needed for admittance to the U.S. Coast Guard Academy. Apply directly to the USCGA.

Important Dates

April 1, 2024 – November 1, 2024

Senator Tester’s office will begin accepting nomination requests for the 2023-2024 application cycle on April 1st. All four components of the nomination request must be completed and received by Senator Tester’s Academy Nominations Coordinator in Kalispell no later than November 1, 2024.

All application materials can be submitted online either through the portal or via email

Academy Days

Applying to a United States Service Academy is a rigorous, highly-competitive and lengthy process—and Senator Tester’s office is here to help. Montana’s Academy and ROTC Days are hosted annually to connect students, parents, and educators with official liaisons from all five of our nation’s service academies, so they can get the information and advice they need to successfully navigate the Academy nomination process.

April 6, 2024 — Missoula

  • University of Montana, Schreiber Gym
  • 2 PM – 5 PM

April 10, 2024 — Flathead

  • Glacier High School Commons
  • 6 PM – 8 PM

April 20, 2024 — Bozeman

  • Montana State University, Alumni Lounge
  • 11 AM – 1 PM

April 27, 2024 — Helena (CANCELED)

  • Carroll College, Student Center
  • 11 AM – 1 PM

To RSVP for an Academy Day, email Senator Tester’s Nomination Coordinator Smith Works at


Before you request a nomination, please make sure you are eligible to apply to a service academy. Applicants for nomination must meet the following requirements as of July 1 of the year of admission to a service academy:

  • be at least 17 years of age but not older than 23 years of age (25 years of age for the Merchant Marine Academy);
  • be a United States Citizen and a permanent resident of Montana; and
  • be unmarried, not pregnant, and have no legal obligation to support children or other dependents.

More information on eligibility requirements for each academy:


Once you have confirmed your eligibility and completed each academy’s preliminary application or questionnaire, you can request a nomination from Senator Tester by completing these three steps:

  1. Complete Online Questionnaire and Essay
  2. Send Official Transcript
  3. Send School Recommendation

Applicants must complete Step 1 online through Senator Tester’s Service Academy Application Center. Steps 2 & 3 must be completed by a high school administrator, and documents for both can be submitted electronically by emailing

1) Online Questionnaire and Essay

Completion of the online application form initiates your application for nomination. Visit the online application center and create an account to start the process. High school seniors graduating in 2024 must submit a completed application no later than November 1, 2024. The questionnaire includes:

  • Personal Information: Name, Date of Birth, SSN, Height, Weight, Parent Information, Academies in Order of Preference***
    ***Please carefully consider which academy you select as your first choice. Second choices are considered only in the event that there are not enough qualified candidates who designate an academy as their first choice.
  • Residency Information: Place of Birth, County of Residence, Current State of Residence, Number of Months at Current Residence, Number of Months You Have Resided in Montana
  • Education: High School Name, Address, Phone Number, Guidance Counselor, Principal, Graduation Year, List of Extracurricular Activities, List of Sports Participated in, List of Awards & Honors, List of College Preparatory Tests Taken and Scores Received (SAT, ACT, etc.)
  • Employment:  Past employers, title, responsibilities, hours worker, etc.
  • Additional Information & Essay:  Please explain why you are seeking this nomination, and why you want to be commissioned to the academy. If there are inconsistencies in your record or extenuating circumstances which merit special attention, please address them in your essay.

2) School Transcript

Applicants must also have an administrator submit their official high school transcript to Senator Tester’s office. This transcript must show your current grades and numerical class rank (percentile ranks are not acceptable). If you apply before this information is available, it is your responsibility to submit an up-to-date transcript and to keep your records current. Administrators can send a digital copy via email to or a hard copy in the mail to Senator Tester’s Kalispell Office at 8 3rd St. E, Kalispell, MT 59901.

3) Recommendation Form

Finally, applicants requesting a nomination must have their High School Principal or Guidance Counselor fill out a recommendation form, which can be downloaded HERE. Once completed, administrators can send a digital copy via email to or a hard copy in the mail to Senator Tester’s Kalispell Office at 8 3rd St. E, Kalispell, MT 59901.

Questions and Concerns

You can reach Senator Tester’s Nomination Coordinator Smith Works by calling (406) 257-3859 or visiting Senator Tester’s Kalispell Office at 8 3rd St. E, Kalispell, MT 59901. You can also send questions to

Senator Tester can only nominate a handful of the Montanans who apply to service academies each year. Therefore, it is in your best interest to request a nomination from each of your federal elected representatives (both U.S. Senators, all House Representatives, the Vice President, and the President). Because this process is highly competitive and each representative can only nominate a limited number of applicants, please contact Senator Tester’s office if you receive a nomination from another source. Multiple nominations will not help any applicant in the admissions process and this will allow as many Montanans to apply as possible.