Jon is a staunch advocate for Montana’s seniors—fighting to fund and protect Medicare, Social Security, Meals on Wheels, Senior Corps, and other initiatives that help seniors lead healthy, independent lives.

Jon believes Social Security is an essential benefit that seniors have paid into and earned over a lifetime of hard work. For many folks, it is their sole source of retirement income-so it has to be there for Montana’s seniors when they need it. That’s why Jon opposes any plan to privatize Social Security or reduce benefits. He’s working with Democrats, Republicans and Independents to make sure the program stays solvent-not just for today’s seniors, but for their kids and grandkids as well.

Jon also knows Medicare ensures seniors have access to quality affordable health care, which is why he opposes any initiative that would cut Medicare or turn it into a voucher system. Instead, Jon is working to strengthen Medicare by making sure doctors and hospitals get fair reimbursement rates so that it is financially feasible for doctors to see older patients.

Montanans work hard to enjoy their retirement years, and that is why Jon has fought hard against attempts to charge Montanans in their 50’s and 60’s more for life saving health insurance.

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