Accountability & Transparency

Jon holds himself, Washington, and corporations accountable to the people of Montana. He is a staunch believer that sunlight ensures accountability, and he has fought for transparency at all levels of government.

Jon is a founding member of the Senate Transparency Caucus and has introduced legislation to increase transparency across the federal government, including a bill to make all government contracts over $150,000 public, and crack down on fraud and abuse of government travel cards.

Jon is also leading the fight to bring more transparency to our campaigns, and he is pushing to end the flow of dark money flooding our elections. He is also working to close the revolving door between Congress and special interest with legislation to ban Members of Congress from lobbying for five years after leaving office.

For his efforts, Jon was awarded the prestigious James Madison Award for fighting for greater transparency in government and public access to government information.

Jon is the only member of the Montana delegation to post his daily public schedule online.

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