Tester’s Bill to Hold Iran Accountable Clears the Senate

Senator’s Legislation Will Extend Sanctions on Iran, Prevent Iran from Developing Nuclear Weapons

(U.S. Senate) – Senator Jon Tester’s bill to block Iran from developing a nuclear weapon and keep our nation safe from terrorist threats has cleared the United States Senate.

Tester’s legislation imposes harsh sanctions on organizations who invest in Iran’s oil and gas sector, the sale of weapons of mass destruction, or uranium mining.

“We must continue to hold Iran accountable and this bipartisan bill keeps their feet to the fire,” Tester said. “America must stay tough on Iran and this legislation will give us another tool to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons.”

Tester has a strong track record of preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

After reading the agreement, posting it online for the public to read, taking public comment, asking tough questions, and meeting with experts, Tester joined Montanans, military and religious leaders in supporting the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action which:

  • Eliminated 97 percent of Iran’s uranium stockpile
  • Destroyed the nuclear core of the Arak reactor, blocking the production of weapons-grade plutonium 
  • Ripped out over 13,000 centrifuges 
  • Halted all uranium enrichment activities from the underground Fordow site
  • Increased access for international inspectors to have round-the-clock surveillance of Iran’s nuclear program
  • Is credited with aiding in the release of four American hostages

As a member of the Senate Banking Committee, Tester has also sponsored legislation to end dangerous business dealings with Iran, voted to increase sanctions on Iran, and called out Iran for its human rights abuses.