Tester Answers Tough Questions from #Montennials via Facebook Live

(U.S. Senate) – As part of his newly launched initiative to engage with Montana millennials, Senator Jon Tester hosted his first-ever online town hall tonight via Facebook Live. The Senator took questions from dozens of Facebook users-many responding in real time-on topics ranging from college affordability to healthcare to honoring our veterans.

“This town hall was a great opportunity to hear from the next generation of Montana leaders,” Tester said. “This type of event opens up a whole new universe of possibilities when it comes to connecting with folks on the ground-and all over the world-who share a common goal of mine, and that’s helping Montana thrive.”

A total of 5,657 users logged on to watch and participate in the event over the course of 55 minutes. Some of the most popular topics and responses included spurring job growth, the importance of a quality education, and the need to combat climate change. In addition to answering dozens of questions, the Senator took time to thank our troops for their service. He also riffed about his time as an elementary school music teacher.

Feedback from viewers was overwhelmingly positive.

Scott Proctor of Billings commented, “This is pretty cool, I would like to see more of our elected representatives do a live Facebook stream!”

“Thanks for this meeting, let’s have more,” said Kathleen Olear of Stevensville.

And Heidi Davis from Missoula wrote, “This was very cool, let’s do it again!”

The Senator launched his #Montennial tour back in October to hear directly from Montana millennials about the issues that are most important to them. In addition to visiting coffee shops and college campuses throughout the state, the Senator hopes tonight’s event will encourage and promote Montanans to engage with him in a variety of ways, including online.

Those who missed the live event can watch the town hall in its entirety HERE.