Tester statement on Iran's compliance with nuclear deal, and release of American hostages

Senator Jon Tester today issued the following statement after Iran released four American hostages and the International Atomic Energy Agency announced that Iran’s nuclear program has been dismantled:

“The nuclear agreement with Iran may not be perfect but right now it’s helping make our world a safer place. We must remain vigilant in enforcing this deal because Iran can’t be trusted, while also recognizing that we’re finally beginning to hold this hostile nation accountable.”

Last year, Tester was the only member of Montana’s delegation to support the international agreement with Iran saying, “this deal is the only option right now to stop Iran from developing a nuclear weapon.”

Because of the international agreement, Iran has:

Eliminated 97 percent of its uranium stockpile
Destroyed the nuclear core of the Arak reactor, blocking the production of weapons-grade plutonium
Ripped out over 13,000 centrifuges
Halted all uranium enrichment activities and nuclear material from the underground Fordow site
Increased access for international inspectors to have round-the-clock surveillance of Iran’s nuclear program

Prior to the international agreement, Iran was three months away from being able to develop a nuclear weapon.