Tester backs bill to retrain workers whose jobs are outsourced

Senator’s Trade Adjustment Assistance Act supports workers who lose jobs due to trade

(U.S. Senate) – Senator Jon Tester is sponsoring legislation to help retrain workers who lose their jobs due to trade.

Tester’s Trade Adjustment Assistance Act (TAA) would assist workers in manufacturing, agriculture, outdoors, service and the public sector to retrain for new jobs if their job is outsourced or if their employer goes out of business due to trade. The bill also provides funding to community colleges and other career training programs to retrain workers in skilled work fields.

The Senator said that TAA is necessary as long as the corporate tax code encourages businesses to ship American jobs overseas.

“Until we reform our tax code that rewards companies that move jobs overseas, American workers need access to retraining so they can perform the jobs that are still here,” Tester said. “This bill will ensure that hundreds of Montana workers who lose their jobs can get good-paying jobs and provide for their families.”

The Senator’s bill would also provide health care tax credits to help eligible unemployed workers afford health insurance. TAA benefits are available in addition to unemployment benefits.

Tester last year announced a $15 million grant for Montana colleges to support workforce training in the health care field.

Tester’s Trade Adjustment Assistance Act is available online HERE.