Walsh, Tester announce support for MSU’s space research

(U.S. SENATE) – Senators John Walsh and Jon Tester today announced that Montana State University is one of five universities selected to have their research experiments conducted by astronauts on the International Space Station

MSU will receive $100,000 through NASA’s Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR). The selection allows MSU students and professors to utilize NASA rockets to send experiments to the International Space Station where astronauts will work with the MSU researchers on the projects. The research projects focus on areas important to NASA’s core missions.

“MSU is a national leader in space research and this award ensures that the important work students and faculty are conducting will continue,” Walsh said. “The partnership with NASA allows MSU unmatched access to research opportunities, strengthening the educational opportunities for students while allowing for critical space research to be done in Bozeman.”

“This award is a big win for Montana and proves once again that our universities are some of the best in the country,” Tester said. “This grant provides critical hands-on experience for MSU’s students as they study to become the next generation of leaders in science and engineering.”

EPSCoR strengthens MSU’s capacity for research and development. The resources will help MSU Bozeman to invest in research that will develop sustainable capabilities in aerospace and aerospace-related research, putting MSU’s students at the forefront of an exciting industry.

Walsh and Tester wrote to the Senate Appropriations Committee this spring urging continued support for EPSCoR.

Tester last summer toured MSU’s space research lab for a firsthand view of the research projects the faculty and students are conducting.