Tester statement on President’s budget proposal

Senator highlights past spending cuts, calls for smart investments

(U.S. SENATE) – Senator Jon Tester today released the following statement after the President sent his budget request for the 2015 fiscal year to Congress:

“We’ve cut spending by $3 trillion and reduced our deficit by one-third since 2010, but we need to do more to get our fiscal house in order as we strengthen our economy. This budget proposal does not go as far as we need to reduce the deficit. But I applaud the president’s efforts to improve wildfire fighting, invest in early education and infrastructure, and promote research and development. I’m ready to work with folks on both sides of the political aisle on these priorities to grow our economy and improve the quality of life in Montana and rural America.”

The 2015 fiscal year begins October 2014. The Senate and House of Representatives agreed on a $1.014 trillion spending cap already for the coming year in a December agreement, but today’s budget release begins the debate about how to divide those funds among all the federal agencies. The $1.014 trillion is virtually the same amount provided for the current fiscal year.