Tester says biggest issue for Montanans is jobs

Senator hears from Montana business leaders during statewide jobs tour

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) – The biggest issue for most Montanans right now is jobs and the economy, Senator Jon Tester said after a series of roundtable talks with community and business leaders across the state.

Tester invited dozens of local businesspeople and community leaders—all with varying opinions—for roundtable meetings last week in Kalispell, Missoula, Billings, Helena and Great Falls.

“We talked about how we can create more good-paying jobs in Montana, how we can keep the ones we’ve got, and how to expand job and business opportunities in the future,” said Tester, who drove more than 1,100 miles in his pickup last week traveling to the meetings.  “The feedback I got is incredibly valuable as we work together to rebuild our economy.”

Tester heard a variety of concerns, ranging from workforce development, education and tax breaks to regulation and Wall Street reform.

“I’m looking for ways to put more people in the workforce and fewer people in the unemployment line,” Tester told the participants at his Kalispell roundtable.

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Any Montanans who want to share their ideas about creating jobs or concerns about the economy are encouraged to contact Tester toll-free at (866) 554-4403 or online at tester.senate.gov/contact.