Tester keeps home heating assistance from ‘slipping through the cracks’

Energy assistance included in legislation being considered by Congress

(U.S. SENATE) – As the start of winter brings more bitter cold temperatures to Montana, Senator Jon Tester today announced that continued assistance for basic home heating will not be on the chopping block as lawmakers piece together next year’s budget.

Tester last week helped lead a bipartisan effort to request continued support for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) through this winter.

As a result, senators agreed to include continued assistance for home heating in the budget legislation being considered by Congress. The move does not result in new government spending but rather a guarantee that home heating assistance will remain part of this year’s budget.

“We can have our political debates about how to tackle the nation’s finances, but not at the expense of Montana kids and families who need something as basic as a warm place to call home this winter,” Tester said.  “I’m glad to see our efforts pay off for those families.  This is how Congress should work all the time—with folks putting aside their differences to do what’s right for the people we serve, and getting it done.”

A copy of Tester’s bipartisan request is online HERE.