Bipartisan Tester bill expands housing opportunities for Montanans with disabilities

Housing assistance legislation maximizes program impact without additional funds

(U.S. Senate) –Senator Jon Tester is heralding the passage of a bill to streamline the federal initiative that provides housing assistance to low-income people with disabilities.

Without costing taxpayers additional money, the Frank Melville Supportive Housing Investment Act will triple the number of units available to low-income Americans with disabilities.  The bill modernizes the federal housing program for Montanans with disabilities.  It also increases cooperation between federal agencies to maximize the existing resources available for housing assistance.

“Senator Tester’s support was critical – he co-sponsored the bill and helped get it through the Banking Committee,” said Michael O’Neil, State Director for the Montana Home Choice Coalition. “This bill will make such a difference in more effectively using housing  resources to create more housing units affordable and available to Americans with disabilities. This is a great day for Montanans with disabilities.”

“Any time we can make the government more efficient without costing taxpayers, we are taking real action to get a handle on government spending,” said Tester, a cosponsor of the legislation. “In this case, not only are we increasing efficiency but we’re also expanding the number of Montanans who will benefit from safe, affordable homes.”

The Frank Melville Supportive Housing Act is now headed to the President to be signed into law.