Tester protecting Montana farmers and ranchers from unnecessary regulations

Senator’s Farm Bill provision gives ag producers a voice at EPA

(U.S. SENATE) – Senator Jon Tester is keeping unnecessary regulations from affecting the bottom lines of his fellow Montana farmers and ranchers.

Tester is backing an amendment to the Farm Bill that forces the EPA to consider how its proposed rules impact agriculture production.  Tester’s provision establishes a new agency position that will review any proposed rule and recommend changes to prevent it from being “unreasonably burdensome” for farmers and ranchers.

If Tester’s amendment becomes law, no EPA rule could take effect until the agency publicly responds to the recommendations.

“This is all about holding Washington accountable to Montana farmers and ranchers,” Tester said.  “Farming and ranching aren’t like any other industry and the EPA needs to know how its rules impact ag production.  I hear over and over from ag producers in Montana that the EPA doesn’t understand their perspective.  My amendment makes sure that hard-working producers get the answers they deserve.”

Tester’s new “Chief Agriculture Counsel” position will be jointly nominated by the Department of Agriculture and the EPA.

Tester, who recently got the Labor Department to drop its plans to unnecessarily restrict young people from working on farms and ranches, is the Senate’s only farmer.  He grew up baling hay and “picking rocks” on his family’s farm near Big Sandy.

Tester has introduced numerous amendments to the Farm Bill.  His provision to ensure that Montana farmers can access a variety of seeds to maintain crop diversity is supported by farming organizations and scientists around the country.

Tester’s EPA Farm Bill amendment is available online HERE