Sen Tester visits shop classes at Capital High School


by Melissa Anderson

U.S. Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) was in Helena on Wednesday, touring the shop classes at Capital High School.

Tester was learning about the skilled trades that students will walk away with once they graduate.

Besides welding, wood working, and auto mechanics, he also learned about a new class that is being developed – students are learning how to make their own fly rods.

Tester said the hands-on experiences allow students to take their skills into the workforce, noting, "Any time we can teach young folks how to work with their hands, there's a lot of job opportunities out there, and whether you are talking metals work or wood working or here in the auto garage we are at, it's teaching young people skills that they can use and get jobs out in the private sector. I think that's really important, and really setting them up so if they want to go on for an advanced degree they can do that too."

Tester says he's impressed with the programs the school offers as well as the high-tech equipment they are using.