Tester to Lead Week of Senate Action to Counter China, Defend Montanans’ Freedom and Privacy

Senator will receive both classified and public briefings on the Chinese spy balloon, press officials on banning China from purchasing U.S. farmland

As part of his continued efforts to protect Montanans’ freedom and privacy and counter foreign adversaries who want to undermine America’s position as the world’s leading economic power, U.S. Senator Jon Tester will lead a week of Senate action to counter China through a series of public and classified briefings and Senate hearings. 

Montanans and folks all across this country value their freedom and privacy. Those are American values that China is actively working to undermine,” said Tester. “That’s why I’m leading the charge to counter China by pressing for answers on their unacceptable spy balloon incursion and by banning the CCP and affiliated businesses from purchasing American farmland. I’ll continue to hold anyone accountable so that America maintains our position as the world’s leading economic power.”

Tester’s week of Senate action to review U.S. efforts to counter China will include the following:

Tester has led the charge to combat Chinese aggression and protect America’s place as the world’s leading economic power. As Chair of the Senate Defense Appropriations Committee, Tester continues to lead oversight efforts around the Chinese spy balloon and is committed to securing a budget that will ensure the Department of Defense has the tools it needs to better prevent these evolving threats.

The U.S. Senate unanimously passed Tester’s bipartisan resolution condemning the Chinese spy balloon. Tester also led the first public briefing with Administration officials on the Chinese spy balloon where he demanded answers from Biden Administration officials on the actions that were taken and on what the plan is for addressing future unidentified objects that enter U.S. airspace.

In April, Tester brought Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall and top Air Force leadership to Malmstrom Air Force Base and the Montana Air National Guard’s 120th Airlift Wing to meet directly with servicemembers and receive updates on Malmstrom’s response to the Chinese spy balloon.

Tester has been sounding the alarm on Chinese aggression long before the spy balloon was first reported. Tester has introduced two bipartisan bills — the Protecting America’s Agricultural Land from Foreign Harm Act and the Promoting Agriculture Safeguards and Security (PASS) Act — to prohibit America’s foreign adversaries including China, Iran, North Korea, and Russia from purchasing or leasing U.S. farmland.