Tester Statement on Vote for National Security Bill to Counter China and Russia, Support American Allies

U.S. Senator Jon Tester today issued the following statement on his vote to advance a national security package that will counter China and Russia and support our ally Israel:

“My top priority is protecting Montana and our nation, full stop. That’s why I voted with Republicans and Democrats to advance a targeted national security package that invests in our ability to stay ahead of the threat from China, stands up to Russia and Iran, strengthens America’s weapons supply, and provides humanitarian assistance to civilians in need. I’m disappointed my colleagues refused to tighten asylum laws and secure the southern border as part of this package, but this bipartisan bill will bolster our national security and help ensure our men and women in uniform have the tools they need to keep America the greatest country in the world.”

Last week Tester voted to secure the southern border – but politicians in Congress blocked the bipartisan border security legislation. Tester spoke on the Senate floor on Friday to call out politicians who shamefully decided they would rather keep the border as a political issue than solve the problem.

Tester has led the charge to combat Chinese aggression and protect America’s place as the world’s leading economic power. Tester has led oversight efforts around the Chinese spy balloon and is committed to securing a budget that will ensure the Department of Defense has the tools it needs to counter Chinese aggression and better prevent these evolving threats.

Immediately after the October 7th terror attack by Hamas, Tester issued a statement supporting Israel’s right to defend itself. Additionally, Tester joined a group of more than thirty of his Senate colleagues in calling for humanitarian aid to be delivered into Gaza. 

As the Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense, Tester is responsible for crafting the annual Defense Appropriations bill and determines funding for the Department of Defense (DOD).