Tester Secures 41 New School Buses for Montana

Funding comes from the Senator’s bipartisan infrastructure law

As a direct result of his bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA),U.S. Senator Jon Tester today announced he has secured 41 new school buses for public schools across the state, to deliver cleaner air for schools and communities in Montana.  

Tester worked with five Republicans and four Democrats to negotiate the IIJA and was the only member of Montana’s congressional delegation to vote for the bill.

“In rural Montana, school buses are the vital link between families and the nearest school—and it’s critical that these buses are safe, up-to-date, and efficient,” said Senator Jon Tester. “I’m proud to see my bipartisan infrastructure law deliver these important funds to get kids to school safely and keep the air in our communities clean.”

The funding was awarded from the Clean School Bus Program’s 2023 Grants Competition from Tester’s IIJA, and will be distributed as follows: 

  • 11 buses for the Florence Carlton K-12 School
  • 10 buses for Hamilton K-12 School
  • 8 buses for Thompson Falls Public School
  • 6 buses for Plains Public school
  • 3 buses for Trout Creek Public School
  • 2 buses for St. Regis School District
  • 1 bus for Dixon Public Schools

Tester secured significant wins for Montana in the IIJA, including $2.82 billion for Montana’s roads, highways and bridges; $2.5 billion to complete all authorized Indian water rights settlements; $1 billion to complete all authorized rural water projects through the Bureau of Reclamation; $65 billion to deploy broadband to areas across the country that lack internet access and additionally make online connectivity affordable; and $3.37 billion to reduce wildfire risk nationwide, among others. Tester also worked to ensure that all iron, steel, and construction materials used for these projects must be made in America.

A full list of Montana provisions in Tester’s bipartisan infrastructure law can be found HERE.