Tester, Rounds Lead Bipartisan Push to Protect and Expand National Veterans’ Cemeteries

Senators introduce bipartisan legislation to support tribal veterans’ cemeteries, authorize eco-friendly burial methods, and more

Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee Chairman Jon Tester (D-Mont.) and U.S. Senator Mike Rounds (R-S.D.) introduced bipartisan legislation today to support the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) National Cemetery Administration (NCA) in honoring veterans nationwide.

“Ensuring all veterans have a final resting place that honors their service and sacrifice is an important part of preserving their legacy,” said Chairman Tester. “That’s why I’m proud to introduce this bipartisan bill that will deliver national and tribal cemeteries the tools they need, for years to come.”

“It is crucial our veterans are honored with a dignified resting place,” said Senator Rounds. “This legislation would provide the tools necessary to operate and maintain national and tribal veterans’ cemeteries. It is a small way for us to show gratitude to our veterans and their families, and it will make certain that generations to come will have a peaceful place to visit their loved ones.”

Among its many provisions, the National Cemeteries Preservation and Protection Act of 2022 would:

  • Require VA to pay plot allowances for native veterans buried at tribal veterans cemeteries prior to March 15, 2022;
  • Allow the VA Secretary to designate sections of the National Veterans’ Cemeteries as green burial sections;
  • Allow the Department of the Interior to transfer land to VA to expand or establish new National Veterans’ Cemeteries;
  • Ban the burial of additional criminals in National Veterans’ Cemeteries; and
  • Expand the Fort Bliss National Cemetery in Texas.

Text of the National Cemeteries Preservation and Protection Act of 2022 can be found HERE.


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