Tester fighting for clean water in rural communities

Senator introduces bipartisan bill to assist small, rural water systems

(U.S. SENATE) – Senator Jon Tester is backing bipartisan legislation to help rural communities in Montana provide clean, safe drinking water.

Tester’s bill keeps Safe Drinking Water Act technical assistance funding running for six more years.  The initiative funds organizations that help rural water utilities provide communities with clean water.
More than 50,000 small communities nationwide are responsible for providing clean water, but many face difficulty securing the assistance needed to meet water standards.

“When Montanans turn on the tap, they expect and deserve clean, safe water,” Tester said.  “Clean water is critical for economic growth and helping Montanans lead their daily lives, and I’ll stand up for it every time.”

“We appreciate Senator Tester stepping forward for Montana communities in need of reliable, clean water,” said Dan Keil, National Director for Montana Rural Water Systems.  “Extending Safe Drinking Water Act training and technical assistance grants will enable MRWS to continue providing critical training and regulatory updates to water operators and also providing technical assistance to water systems throughout the entire state of Montana.”

Tester’s bill requires the EPA to prioritize funding based on the specific needs of small and rural communities.  The Safe Drinking Water Act helps communities acquire new water-related technology, receive technical support, and clarify rules and regulations.

Senator Max Baucus is also a sponsor of the bill.

Tester’s bipartisan bill reauthorizing the Safe Drinking Water Act is available online HERE.