Tester Pushes Infant Formula Manufacturers to Address Crisis

Senator and 31 colleagues call on infant formula manufacturers to increase production, prevent future supply chain disruptions, and restock shelves

In his continued effort to address the supply chain crisis, Senator Tester today joined 31 of his colleagues in sending a letter to Mardi Mountford, President of the Infant Nutrition Council of America, urging infant formula manufacturers to address the shortage occurring across the country.

“This shortage has placed an unacceptable burden on parents and caregivers and has put the health of babies and infants at risk,” Tester and his colleagues wrote. “For many families, infant formula is critical for ensuring children receive the nutrition they need to grow healthy and well-nourished…There is no easy substitute for infant formula, and this shortage has left families across the nation scrambling to figure out how they will safely care for their children.”

They concluded: “We urge the Infant Nutrition Council of America and your member companies to do all you can to increase infant formula production and distribution, and prevent future supply chain disruptions.”

Tester has pushed to address the infant formula shortage since January, when he requested Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Dr. Robert Califf in the lead up to his confirmation address delays with the agency’s formula inspection process, which have contributed to the shortage.

Tester has fought tirelessly to address the supply chain issues occurring across industries. In March, Tester testified in support of the Ocean Shipping Reform Act, which would increase supply chain transparency by providing the Federal Maritime Commission with greater authority to regulate harmful and discriminatory practices by international shipping companies; requiring carriers to certify that the fees they charge for delays are in compliance with federal regulations; mandating reporting on how many empty containers carriers are transporting; and prohibiting ocean carriers from unreasonably declining U.S. exports that have been stranded at the docks. He also secured $5.1 million in U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) funding for Montana to address school supply chain disruptions and food shortages.

Tester has continuously worked to improve the U.S. supply chain and lower costs for Montanans, and was one of five Democrats and five Republicans that crafted the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA). Tester’s law will make urgently needed investments in our nation’s shipping infrastructure, including $17 billion in port and waterway infrastructure. It also invests in modernizing Montana’s aging roads and bridges, water systems, land ports, and airports, making it easier to haul goods and conduct business throughout Montana and the United States at large.

Tester’s full letter can be found HERE.


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