Tester pushes plan to save taxpayers billions

Senator joins bipartisan effort to combat waste, fraud and abuse while protecting Medicare and Medicaid

(U.S. SENATE) – Senator Jon Tester is pushing to make sure that Medicare and Medicaid work better for Montanans, while saving taxpayers tens of billions of dollars lost every year to waste, fraud and abuse within the two initiatives.

Tester recently joined nearly 30 Democrats and Republicans to promote the Medicare and Medicaid FAST Act, which does not affect Medicare or Medicaid benefits or change medical service pricing.

The Medicare and Medicaid FAST Act:
• Stiffens penalties for Medicare fraud,
• Ends the government’s controversial and often abused practice of paying Medicare and Medicaid claims quickly without first verifying them,
• Improves the sharing of fraud data among law enforcement agencies

In speaking about the bill, Tester underscored the fact that savings from his plan, which is supported by AARP, will increase resources available to care for seniors and the poor.

“Montanans who benefit from Medicare and Medicaid deserve the best care that this country can offer,” Tester said. “And American taxpayers deserve to know that every hard-earned penny goes to those who need care, not criminals trying to beat the system. This bipartisan bill will go a long way toward ensuring that agencies have the tools necessary to keep our commitments to both folks in need and taxpayers.”

Tester’s bill will also better engage seniors in the fight against waste and fraud and require the Social Security Administration to more regularly cross-check prescription drug registrants.

Tester’s Medicare and Medicaid FAST Act is supported by a wide range of advocacy organizations, including the National Coalition on Health Care, Citizens Against Government Waste, and the National Taxpayers Union.

Tester’s bipartisan bill is available online HERE.