Tester: Keystone oil must stay in the U.S.

Senator introduces measure to address gas prices

(U.S. SENATE) – Senator Jon Tester is fighting to keep Keystone XL Pipeline oil in the United States, saying the project can strengthen America’s domestic energy security and help address gas prices. 

Tester today introduced an amendment that will require all Keystone XL Pipeline oil to be refined and sold in the United States.

Tester, who has voted to approve the Keystone XL Pipeline three times, says that once the pipeline is built, its oil should be used to support American families and small businesses. 

“I support the Keystone XL pipeline because it will help reduce our dependence on oil from hostile countries,” Tester said.  “But to truly build energy independence, we need to keep the oil here in the U.S.—not ship it overseas. Keeping this oil here at home moves us closer to energy security, which increases our economic and national security as well.”

The Keystone XL Pipeline will run through Montana and include an on-ramp in Baker to deliver up to 100,000 barrels of Bakken oil per day.  This will help increase access to markets and reduce constraints currently faced by Montana producers. 

The Keystone XL pipeline is projected to bring 735,000 barrels of oil a day to existing refineries in the Gulf Coast.

Tester specifically strengthened protections for private property in December’s bipartisan agreement that forced a decision on permitting the project.  He also recently called on TransCanada, the company behind the project, to begin responsibly building sections of the pipeline in Montana.

Construction of the section of the Keystone XL pipeline from Cushing, Okla. to the Gulf Coast will start this year.

Tester is an advocate for responsibly developing all available energy sources in Montana.  His Keystone XL amendment is available online HERE.