In Missoula, Tester Talks Direct Impact of American Rescue Plan with Small Business Owners & Community Leaders

Senator, joined by Montgomery Distillery owners and others: “The American Rescue Plan provides critical resources that’ll get Montana businesses, schools, and communities fully reopened as quickly as possible.”

In Missoula today, U.S. Senator Jon Tester visited Montgomery Distillery to discuss the direct impact of the American Rescue Plan—the most recent COVID relief bill—on the Missoula community and the tangible ways it will help get the region’s economy back on track.

Tester was joined by Montgomery Distillery owners Jenny and Ryan Montgomery, Missoula Economic Partnership CEO Grant Kier, and Missoula County Commissioner Josh Slotnick to highlight how the American Rescue Plan is providing critical relief to the greater Missoula region by bringing in targeted support for small businesses and other critical services, increasing available vaccines, and helping schools stay open safely. Following their discussion, the group opened the floor for questions from the media.

“As we continue rolling out life-saving vaccines across Montana, the end of this pandemic and a return to normal for our economy is in sight,” said Tester. “But communities across our state are in critical need of relief to help them recover from the economic fallout of this crisis. That’s why I worked to ensure that the American Rescue Plan provides targeted, direct relief to Montana cities like Missoula, which could receive nearly $14 million to plug revenue gaps and keep critical services like cops and firefighters on the beat. And it’ll help small businesses like Montgomery Distillery and other hospitality, tourism, and entertainment venues keep the lights on.”

Tester continued: “The bottom line is this: The American Rescue Plan provides critical resources that’ll get Montana businesses, schools, and communities fully reopened as quickly as possible. We are already seeing the benefits.”

Tester was the only member of the Montana delegation to support the American Rescue Plan. He worked tirelessly to ensure the COVID relief bill provided targeted resources that will have a tangible impact on Montana’s economy and ensure that anyone who wants a vaccine can get one—especially those who bravely served our country. The bill ensures local mayors have the resources to keep cops and firefighters on the beat, every Montanan who wants a vaccine can get one, schools can fully re-open safely, and it provides badly-needed relief for hard-hit Montana workers and small businesses, along with fulfilling former President Trump’s promise of $2,000 in direct payments for every American earning less than $75,000.

The American Rescue Plan includes:

  • $14.38 million in state/local funding projected for the City of Missoula and $22.3 million in projected funding for Missoula County
  • $20 billion for vaccines
  • $1,400 checks for Montanans who make less than $75,000 a year—a bipartisan policy endorsed by former President Trump.
  • Tester’s legislation to restore full, long-distance Amtrak service on routes like the Empire Builder and reinstate furloughed employees
  • $60 billion for existing and new COVID relief programs to aid a wider range of small businesses, particularly in the hospitality, travel, and entertainment industries, including $25 billion for a new grant program tailored to local restaurants
  • $382 million for K-12 schools in Montana
  • $94.4 million for Montana higher education institutions
  • $8.5 billion for rural hospitals
  • $31.2 billion for Tribal COVID response, vaccine distribution, and emergency housing and social services in Indian Country
  • Millions for Montana airports and transit agencies
  • $750 million in dedicated funding for the hardest hit travel, tourism, or outdoor recreation businesses