Tester Announces $1.2 Million in Funding for Senior Nutrition in Montana

U.S. Senator Jon Tester today announced that Montana will receive $1.2 million to support senior nutrition, including $400,000 for congregate meals and $800,000 for home meals:

“Too many Montana seniors are unable to go to the grocery store for fear of contracting the virus, or unable to get to one at all because they live too far, or don’t have transportation. So this funding could not have come sooner as many of our seniors have been left wondering where their next meal is going to come from, or how they are going to get food on the table safely. As this crisis continues, it’s critical that we keep strengthening programs that will help older Montanans stay healthy and comfortable.”

This funding comes from the Department of Health and Human Services Administration for Community Living and was authorized by the Families First Coronavirus Response Act—which Tester voted in favor of last week.

Tester has also led the charge to make sure that vulnerable Montanans—in particular seniors, folks with disabilities, and direct care providers—have access to information about test kits, proper protection and the spread of COVID-19. Earlier today, he took to the Senate floor to advocate for a stimulus package that would help Montana hospitals, workers, and small businesses, and he urged Senate Leadership to ensure that Washington does not leave Montana behind in its response to the outbreak. He also held a Facebook Live Town Hall from his office in Washington, DC, where he fielded questions from Montanans and provided an update on his work to support folks in the Treasure State during the pandemic.

Tester has been reaching out to Montana workers, business leaders, local government officials, Tribal members, and educators across the state to hear directly about the public health and economic effects of the outbreak and what policy solutions would provide the most relief.