Tester Secures $200,000 For Lake County Businesses

Lake County Community Development Corporation will use grant to provide technical assistance for rural cooperative development

U.S. Senator Jon Tester announced today that the USDA awarded a $200,0000 grant to the Lake County Community Development Corporation (LCCDC), which will use the money to foster growth for cooperative businesses in the Flathead region and the Flathead Indian Reservation.

“Rural development cooperatives are a critical boon to small businesses and entrepreneurs, and the economic growth they drive benefits frontier communities across Montana,” said Tester. “This investment will help Lake County Community Development Corp provide businesses in Northwest Montana and on the Flathead Reservation with the support they need to grow their bottom lines and create good paying jobs.”

The LCCDC will use this grant to provide technical assistance and capital to new and expanding businesses in the Flathead Region and on the Flathead Reservation. These funds will improve their ability to provide rural co-ops with expertise aimed at growing and perfecting business operations of any size in the region.

Senator Tester is committed to growing Montana’s thriving small business community. He recently introduced the Stop Taxing Our Potential Act (STOP), which would overturn a Supreme Court decision that forces local business to collect sales tax on behalf of other states, and is highly unpopular among small business owners in Montana.