Tester Secures More Than $2 Million to Upgrade Geraldine’s Outdated Water and Wastewater Infrastructure

$1.5 million grant, $606,000 loan for pipe replacements, other renovations in Chouteau County water system

As part of his ongoing efforts to improve Montana’s infrastructure, U.S. Senator Jon Tester announced major investments to help deliver safe, clean water to Geraldine, Montana.

Tester secured more than $2 million—$1.561 million in grant funding and a $606,000 loan—from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development to help Geraldine replace 6,800 feet of clay collection pipe with PVC, purchase new manholes and a UV disinfection system, and conduct repairs to their sewage lagoon.

“Whether you’re raising cattle or raising kids, everyone needs access to clean water” said Tester, whose farm is just 40 miles north of Geraldine. “This investment will strengthen Geraldine’s water infrastructure, helping small businesses, families, and producers get consistently clean water and a smooth-running sewer system.”

These critical improvements to Geraldine’s wastewater system will help it comply with its discharge permit and provide reliable service for the homes and businesses that rely on the system. This funding will help the community properly serve its 116 residences and 20 non-residential hook ups.

Tester has consistently fought to ensure all Montanans have access to clean, safe water. Last year, he helped pass the bipartisan the Water Resources Development Act to upgrade water systems, establish watercraft inspection stations, and boost access to clean water in rural communities, and he secured over $20 million for water improvement projects in rural Montana through the USDA Rural Development project.