Tester Continues Fight for Internet Freedom, Backs Bill to Reinstate Net Neutrality

The Save the Internet Act restores FCC rules prohibiting telecommunications companies from blocking or prioritizing internet traffic

(U.S. Senate) – U.S. Senator Jon Tester is supporting legislation to reestablish protections that prevented internet service providers (ISPs) from limiting or blocking access to certain sites, in his ongoing battle to bring back net neutrality.

Tester’s Save the Internet Act of 2019 would restore Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules that prevented ISPs from blocking or slowing down specific websites and creating internet ‘fast-lanes’ that prioritize some internet services over others.

“Montana’s small business owners, students, and farmers need a level playing field to stay competitive in today’s internet-driven markets.” Tester said. “By repealing net neutrality, the FCC gave internet providers the ability to force folks to pay more for higher speeds and better access. This bill restores a fair and open internet so Montanans aren’t left in the dust.”

The Save the Internet Act undoes the FCC’s unpopular decision to repeal net neutrality, barring ISPs from discriminating against users by throttling website access and charging unnecessary fees.

In December 2017, Tester slammed the FCC for their vote and was the only member of the Montana delegation who voted for a bipartisan bill to reverse the decision. He has tirelessly advocated to ensure rural states have access to technology that helps them be competitive in tech-driven markets.

Tester has been an active supporter of expanding broadband and cellular service to rural America. Launching his #ConnectMT initiative in 2015, he has helped address connectivity issues facing people across Montana. In December, he helped secure $600 million to launch the ReConnect Program to expand high-speed internet in rural communities around the country.

Read the full text of the bill HERE.