Tester Leads Fight for Montana Community Health Centers

Senator's Bipartisan Bill Would Provide Long-Term Certainty for Montana Patients

(U.S. Senate) – U.S. Senator Jon Tester is once again leading the charge to support community health centers in Montana.

Tester is cosponsoring a bipartisan bill that would provide long-term certainty and increase funding for these critical health care providers that treat over 100,000 Montanans a year.

“Community health centers provide a great service to folks across the state,” Tester said. “In many communities, these facilities are the only health care providers that treat uninsured patients and they do so at an affordable rate. I’ll keep fighting to strengthen Montana’s community health centers so we can increase access and lower the cost of care for all Montanans.”

After Congress failed to reauthorize funding for community health centers last year, Tester successfully took on Washington and restored funding for Montana’s community health centers.

Tester’s bipartisan Community Health Investment, Modernization, and Excellence Act mandates annual increases in community health center funding for the next five years, providing much-needed funding and certainty and ensuring Montanans will be able to access affordable health care for years to come.

“In the ups and downs of these challenging times, the people of Montana can always count on Senator Tester to make sure that health care is accessible to everyone,”
said Cindy Stergar, CEO of the Montana Primary Care Association. “We thank him for sponsoring this critical bill.”

You can read the Community Health Investment, Modernization, and Excellence Act HERE. A full list of Tester’s accomplishments on behalf of community health centers is available HERE.