Tester Reaches Across the Aisle to Strengthen Security, Improve Infrastructure at Montana Airports

Senator Votes for Federal Aviation Administration Reauthorization Act

(U.S. Senate)-U.S. Senator Jon Tester today worked with Republicans and Democrats to strengthen security and improve infrastructure at Montana’s airports.

Tester voted to pass bipartisan legislation that reauthorizes the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and includes many provisions that Montana airports use every day.

“By strengthening our transportation infrastructure, we are building a stronger climate for Montana entrepreneurs to succeed,” Tester said. “This bipartisan bill ensures Montana’s airports can thrive, while keeping passengers safe and protecting families’ pocketbooks.”

Tester secured a provision in the bill to hold air ambulance companies more accountable for charging Montanans exorbitant bills during amounts for life-threatening emergencies.

Tester also sponsored a bipartisan provision to secure additional funds for the West Yellowstone Airport.

The FAA Reauthorization Act additionally includes the following provisions:

• Provides funding for the Airport Improvement Program, which over a dozen Montana airports have utilized to make important infrastructure upgrades.
Urges the FAA to change the annual time cycle for awarding federal government grants so Montana contractors are able to secure contracts before the start of construction season.
• Mandates the FAA strengthen security procedures to limit the threat of insider attacks.
• Extends the Essential Air Service Program that serves seven Montana airports.
• Directs the FAA to set minimum leg room standards on all commercial flights.
• Prohibits commercial airlines from involuntarily bumping passengers who have already boarded the flight.
• Directs the FAA to analyze the ability for wildland firefighters to use drones while fighting wildfires.

The FAA Reauthorization Act passed the Senate 93-6. The FAA is now reauthorized for five years.