Tester Outlines Plan to Lower Prescription Drug Costs for Montanans

Senator Joined by Great Falls Resident with Personal Health Care Story

(Great Falls, Mont.)-U.S. Senator Jon Tester today stood alongside seniors in Great Falls and outlined his plan to lower prescription drug costs for all Montanans.

Tester highlighted many of the bills he is sponsoring to lower prescription drug costs, including his CREATES Act which will hold big pharmaceutical companies accountable and increase the availability of generic prescription drugs.

“Health care costs are too high for Montanans, especially prescription drug costs,” Tester said. “With better access to cheaper drugs, Montanans will spend less money on prescription drugs and that includes Montana seniors who are enrolled in Medicare.”

Sharon Odden, a Great Falls resident who has been forced to pay an exorbitant amount of money for prescription drugs despite having quality health care coverage, joined Tester. Sharon is required to take an expensive, brand-name prescription drug that is not available in a generic form.

“Jon’s bills are wonderful and exactly what Montanans are looking for to lower drug costs,” said Odden. “This solution will get the drug companies moving so we can better access generic drugs.”

Tester sponsored the CREATES Act following a statewide health care listening tour where he met with nurses, doctors and patients to hear directly about the state’s most pressing health care needs.

Tester also called for action on other bills he is sponsoring to increase drug pricing transparency and hold big pharmaceutical companies more accountable for price hikes. Tester successfully voted to close the Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Donut Hole in February.

More information on Tester’s efforts to lower prescription drug prices is available HERE.