Tester Announces 2018 Montana PILT Payments

Montana Counties will Receive $40 Million for Schools, Infrastructure, and Law Enforcement

(U.S. Senate)—U.S. Senator Jon Tester today announced that Montana counties will receive $40 million in Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILT) for 2018.

Tester secured these PILT funds in March during debate on the bipartisan federal budget. Tester was the only member of Montana’s congressional delegation who voted for PILT.

“Montana counties rely on these funds to provide public services and balance their budget,” Tester said. “This investment will help rebuild schools, plow roads, hire law enforcement officers, and perform other duties critical to rural America. As we debate next year’s budget, I will relentlessly fight tooth and nail to ensure local leaders, families, and businesses have the financial certainty they need to continue investing in their communities.”

Tester announced that 56 Montana counties will receive PILT payments this year. PILT payments are awarded to counties with federal lands that are not taxable by local governments. Those lands, however, require local government services, such as law enforcement and infrastructure.

Tester secured an additional $500 million for Montana counties through PILT in the 2019 Interior Appropriations Act. The Senate is expected to take a final vote on that legislation before the end of September.

Tester this spring led the charge to reauthorize another essential funding initiative for Montana counties, Secure Rural Schools (SRS). As a result of Tester’s efforts, Montana counties with forested lands received more than $17 million from SRS to compensate for the decline in timber production.

A full breakdown of PILT payments by county can be found HERE.