Tester and Bullock Secure $1 Million FEMA Flood Grant for Helena Valley

(Montana)-Following major flooding in the Helena Valley, U.S. Senator Jon Tester and Governor Steve Bullock today secured a $1 million federal grant to expand flood mitigation and recovery efforts.

Tester and Bullock secured the grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to expand the scope of recovery efforts following the 2011 and 2018 floods in the Helena Valley. The funds are directed to build retention basins, upgrade culverts, improve drainage of flood waters, replace crossings, and modify infrastructure related to the project.

“Folks in the Helena Valley know far too well that damaging impacts that floods have on homes, schools, and businesses,” Tester said. “These funds will help restore the damage caused by recent flooding, as well as prevent future disasters from destructing property and public spaces.”

“Montanans have been faced with severe flooding and these resources will allow us to recover and better protect property in the future,” Bullock said. “These funds were made available as a direct result of the state’s disaster declaration and I am keeping a close eye on flood conditions in Lewis and Clark County and across the state.”

The FEMA grant will fund half the cost of the project and is matched with local funds.

Rossiter School in the Helena Valley was forced to close in May as a result of flooding and students were bussed to finish the school year at Carroll College.

Tester this week secured more than $3.3 billion for FEMA grants in a funding bill that will be available to state, local, and tribal governments for emergency and disaster services.

Bullock yesterday declared a flooding state of emergency in Lewis & Clark and Cascade Counties.