Tester Calls on Senate to Use Farm Bill to Stop the Spread of Chronic Wasting Disease

Senator: CWD Threatens Wildlife, Our Outdoor Economy, and Human Health and Safety

(Big Sandy, Mont.) -U.S. Senator Jon Tester is calling on the Senate to draft a Farm Bill that tackles the Chronic Wasting Disease epidemic in Montana.

Chronic Wasting Disease has spread to 23 states, including Montana, fatally infecting deer, elk, and moose.

“The spread of the disease is rapid, devastating to wildlife populations, and can be almost impossible to eradicate,” Tester said. “This serious illness poses a threat to wildlife, the outdoor recreation economy, and human health and safety.”

Chronic Wasting Disease is a neurological disease that affects deer, elk and moose, causing weight loss and death. The Centers for Disease Control suggest that hunters not eat the meat of infected animals.

Chronic Wasting Disease threatens Montana’s hunting economy, which supports the state’s $7.1 billion outdoor recreation economy and fuels tens of thousands of jobs.

Tester has introduced a bill to help state and tribal wildlife management agencies stop the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease by establishing new research grants to better understand the disease, implement management plans, and establish a rapid response protocol for newly infected areas.

Tester’s full letter is available HERE.