Tester Pushes Back Against Expansion of Junk Health Care Plans

Senator: Junk Belongs in the Trash

(U.S. Senate) – U.S. Senator Jon Tester wants to kick “junk plans” to the curb in his latest effort to defend access to affordable health care coverage across Montana.

“Junk plans” refer to short-term health insurance plans designed to fill temporary gaps in coverage that might be necessary when Montanans transition from one long-term plan to another. These plans are limited to three months under current law because they often lack coverage for hospitalization, prescription drugs, mental health services, substance abuse treatment and maternity care.

The Trump Administration is seeking to expand the duration of junk plans to 12 months, with the possibility of renewing them even further into the future. The proposal could increase health care costs, reduce access to quality coverage, harm people with pre-existing conditions, and force an age tax on Montana’s seniors.

“My job as your Senator is to guarantee you can afford to take your kids to the doctor when they get sick and get stitched up if they get hurt,” Tester said. “I will work with any Republican or Democrat who wants to make quality health insurance more affordable and accessible, but I will fight tooth and nail against any proposal to sell you insurance so bad it’s named after trash.”

Tester is prepared to work in a bipartisan manner to lower costs and increase access to health care.

Tester has a proven track record of fighting for affordable health care in Montana. He has introduced multiple bills to lower costs and increase access to health care. He was also recently recognized as a champion for community health after securing a bipartisan deal to fund Montana’s community health centers.

The full text of Tester’s letter can be found HERE.