Tester Secures Funding for Community Health Center in Cascade County

Two Months After Restoring Funding, Senator Announces $130,000 for Community Health Care Center in Great Falls

(Kalispell, Mont.) – U.S. Senator Jon Tester today announced a $130,000 grant for the Community Health Care Center in Cascade County.

Tester secured the grant through the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration.

“Community health centers keep Montanans safe and healthy,” Tester said. “Cascade County’s Community Health Care Center provides care that is effective and affordable, guaranteeing all folks can take their kids to the doctor when they get sick.”

Community health centers are cost-effective primary care options for underserved and uninsured Montanans. One in 10 Montanans use community health centers for primary care, dental care, or mental health care.

Community health centers came close to running out of money and many were forced to consider layoffs or closure when their funding was held up by political fighting earlier this year.

In his push to restore funding, Tester stood with Montana’s community health center leaders on the Capitol steps, said “enough is enough” on the Senate floor, and even voted against bad budget bills to defend Montana’s community health centers.

Tester was recognized as a national champion for community health centers last month after pushing through Washington, D.C. gridlock and delivering for Montana’s community health centers in a budget deal.