Tester: I Need to Know if Admiral Jackson Has What it Takes to Run the VA

Senator Meets with VA Secretary Nominee Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson, M.D.

(U.S. Senate) – Ranking Member of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee Jon Tester wants to know if the President’s personal physician has what it takes to run the nation’s largest health care system.

Today Tester questioned Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson, M.D., about his vision for the VA and his qualifications to lead the Department of Veterans’ Affairs and its nearly 400,000 employees.

“I look forward to having Admiral Jackson before our Committee to answer more questions to see if he has what it takes to run the VA and to defend it from special interests that want to privatize away health care for Montana’s veterans. I have concerns about whether his experience qualifies him to run the nation’s largest health care system.”

Jackson still needs to submit additional information, including answers to written questions submitted by Tester and other Members of the Committee.

The Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee will hold Jackson’s confirmation hearing on April 25.

As Ranking Member, Tester launched a social media campaign #PagingDrJackson so members of the public can submit their questions to Admiral Jackson. Tester will submit them into the official Committee record.