Tester Celebrates Native American Trailblazers During Women’s History Month

Senator Sponsors Resolution to Honor Contributions of Native American Women

(Big Sandy, Mont.)-U.S. Senator Jon Tester is celebrating Women’s History Month by honoring the Native American leaders who blazed a new trail.

Tester sponsored a bipartisan Senate Resolution to recognize the contribution of Native American women and the impact they have made on the country.

“Many Native American women tore down barriers to create new opportunities for the generations that followed,” Tester said. “These leaders held the federal government accountable to its trust responsibilities, advocated for better education, and pushed for higher wages, all while strengthening their culture and improving life for all Native Americans.”

Tester included many Montanan Native American leaders in the Senate Resolution, including Minnie Spotted Wolf and Elouise Cobell.

Minnie Spotted Wolf was the first Native American woman to enlist and serve in the U.S. Marine Corps.

Elouise Cobell received the Presidential Medal of Freedom for her work to help thousands of Native Americans win a $3.4 billion settlement for the federal mismanagement of Indian lands.

Tester will continue to celebrate the contribution of Native American women by posting their stories this week on his Facebook page.

Tester’s Senate Resolution is available HERE.