Tester Solicits Feedback from Montanans on Infrastructure Needs

Senator Hosts Roundtable in Billings and Sends Survey Far and Wide

(Billings, Mont.) – As Congress begins to draft a major infrastructure bill, U.S. Senator Jon Tester today sat down with Billings community leaders to hear from them about the community’s most pressing infrastructure needs.

Tester heard feedback from Billings Mayor Bill Cole, local business leaders, union members, and school officials.

“It is long overdue that Congress pass a responsible infrastructure bill that puts folks to work rebuilding our roads, bridges, and water systems,”
Tester said. “I want to hear from every Montana community about what they need, whether it’s a new roof on their school or faster internet access. The infrastructure needs of Montana City are different than those of New York City and I will be fighting to make sure any plan works for rural America.”

At the roundtable, Tester announced that he is soliciting input from Montana counties, cities and tribes. Tester’s letter also went to school districts, hospitals, and business organizations.

“Today I write to seek your direct input on specific infrastructure priorities in your communities,” Tester wrote in a statewide letter to stakeholders. “Our nation faces a number of infrastructure challenges. I strongly believe that we must address these challenges by gathering input from local leaders, like you, who know where investments are most needed.”

Tester’s letter to Montanans can be found HERE.

Montanans can send their infrastructure priorities to Tester by e-mailing him at infrastructure@tester.senate.gov.