Tester Blasts Federal Communications Commission Proposal to End Net Neutrality

Senator Defends Montana’s Right to an Open Internet

(U.S. Senate)– U.S Senator Jon Tester blasted the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) recently announced plans to end net neutrality in the coming weeks.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai announced a proposal called the Restoring Internet Freedom Order, which would make it possible for large multi-national corporations to block websites, slow down internet access, and routinely interfere with web traffic.

“The only true freedom in your Order is the freedom for these large corporations to reduce consumer choice, control the flow of internet information and increase profits at the expense of everyday Montanans,” wrote Tester. “I strongly urge you to reverse course on your net neutrality proposal and put the American people’s ability to openly access the internet before corporate bottom lines. Montanans expect unfettered access to the web, which means absolutely no blocking websites, no paid prioritization and no throttling speeds.”

Tester, a longtime champion for net neutrality, urged Chairman Pai to reconsider his proposal.

“As the Commission considers your net neutrality proposal in the coming weeks, I ask that you listen to the Americans who are rightfully demanding an open internet and rescind this corporate backed proposal,” Tester said. “In order to compete in a 21st century economy, Montana businesses, students, and consumers need access to a free and open internet and they need an FCC committed to promoting infrastructure.”

Tester’s full letter to Chairman Pai can be found HERE.