Tester Talks Tax Reform and the Debt with President Trump

Senator Calls for Bipartisan Approach to Tax Reform

(U.S. Senate)- U.S. Senator Jon Tester this week spoke with President Trump and met with top White House officials to discuss tax reform, demanding any reform plan take public input and not add to the nation’s debt.

As Tester was meeting with the President’s National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn and White House Director of Legislative Affairs Marc Short, President Trump called into the meeting from South Korea.

“I will work with anybody to cut taxes for Montana families and small businesses,” Tester said. “Unfortunately, this process has been partisan from the beginning. Before introducing a bill, they didn’t take public input, and there’s been no real effort to build bipartisan support. The House has proposed a plan that will add trillions to the debt, and it’s my hope that moving forward we can have a serious conversation about how to cut taxes without forcing our grandkids to foot the bill.”

Tester previously invited President Trump to Montana to discuss tax reform. Earlier this week, Tester urged leaders to exempt working family farms and ranches from the estate tax.

Following the meeting with President Trump, Tester expressed optimism moving forward.

“I hope President Trump and members of Congress will listen to Montanans, because they have told me they aren’t looking to put handouts to billionaires on the next generation’s credit card,” said Tester.

Tester has solicited feedback from Montanans on tax reform via social media and has directly responded to a variety of questions submitted on his Facebook page.

He also launched an online portal to take feedback from Montanans. Tester’s online portal can be found HERE.