Tester Honors Montana Women of World War I

Senator: Their Service and Actions Helped Change the Course of History

(U.S. Senate) – Ranking Member of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee Jon Tester is honoring the hundreds of Montana women who served in World War I by paying tribute to them in the Congressional Record.

Tester is highlighting the bravery and service of Merle Egan Anderson (Helena), Lena Roy (Bozeman), Elizabeth Sandelius (Park County), Harriett O’Day (Billings) and hundreds of other Montana women who served on the front lines, cared for the wounded, and connected calls to the battlefield.

“They served at the front lines and quickly garnered the respect of the men with whom they served,” Tester said in his tribute. “They braved enemy fire and suffered casualties among their ranks. Despite their outstanding service, they returned to an indifferent government who denied them veteran status, including health care and burial rights.”

Tester points out that nearly 200 Montana nurses from 56 communities entered military service during WWI.

“These women gave voice and power to a nation of women,” said Tester. “Their service and actions helped change the course of history. These strong Montana women were followed by more strong Montana women who have carried the fighting torch of equality for generations.”

Tester has introduced The Deborah Sampson Act to change the culture of care at the Department of Veterans Affairs to better serve women veterans.

Tester’s Congressional Record tribute is available online HERE.