Tester Launches Portal to Hear from Montanans on Tax Reform, Debt

Senator: This Process Needs to Be Bipartisan, Transparent & Open

(U.S. Senate) – U.S. Senator Jon Tester launched an online portal today to receive feedback from Montanans about tax reform and the importance of cutting the national debt.

Tester is encouraging families and small businesses to use this portal to communicate their thoughts, concerns, and ideas regarding Congress’ ongoing effort to enact tax reform.

“Tax reform will have major implications on our $20 trillion national debt and our economy,” Tester said. “We need to make sure the process is bipartisan, transparent, and open to the public—not just special interests.”

Tester has already solicited feedback from Montanans on tax reform via social media and has directly responded to a variety of questions submitted on his Facebook page. But Tester says he created the portal to ensure every Montanan has a chance to make their voice heard.

“Tax reform affects each and every one of us and I want to ensure folks from every corner of the state have an easy way to communicate with me on this critical issue,” Tester said.

Tester has offered to work with President Trump on reforming the nation’s tax code.

Read the text of the proposed tax bills below:

House Bill – house.gov/VY0K

Senate Bill – sen.gov/VY0K

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