Tester Demands Answers on Behalf of Montanans Hurt by Opioid Epidemic

Senator Holds Health and Human Services and Drug Enforcement Administration Accountable for Late Reporting

(U.S. Senate) – U.S. Senator Jon Tester is demanding answers from the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) on the opioid crisis plaguing rural America.

Tester called on the DEA to provide Congress with an overdue report detailing how law enforcement agencies can help opioid patients and prevent prescription drugs from ending up in the wrong hands.

“It is critical that we have all the information necessary to ensure the federal government is doing everything it can to help support our states and local communities in our collective fight against this epidemic,” Tester said. “We want to ensure the Drug Enforcement Administration and other related agencies have all of the tools necessary to fight this epidemic.”

Current law required the DEA Administrator to submit a report to Congress by April 16, 2017 detailing information on whether coordination between the industry and law enforcement has helped with diversion of opioids.

This report is six months past-due and Tester wants the DEA to provide the information so Congress can determine the best action to take to ensure the Agency has the tools it needs to fight the opioid epidemic.

Tester was joined by Senators from across the country in his call to action.

Tester’s letter can be found HERE.