Tester Successfully Defends Montanans from Verizon’s Attempt to Terminate Contracts

After Verizon Sent Termination Letters to Montanans, Senator Gets Company to Back Off Plan to Cut Montanans from Network

(Bozeman, Mont.)-U.S. Senator Jon Tester has successfully defended Montanans from Verizon’s attempt to terminate contracts.

Tester demanded answers from Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam last week and pushed the telecommunications company to reverse its decision to eliminate contracts and remove rural customers from its network. Verizon responded to Tester’s demands today and announced that the company will continue to serve Montanans and will not terminate the service of rural customers.

“Wireless communication is critical for Montana families, businesses, and emergency first responders,” Tester said. “I am pleased with Verizon’s decision to uphold its commitment to our state, if any Verizon customers have continued concerns, please contact my office. I will continue to defend Montanans from harmful actions that undermine our quality of life.”

Tester received his assurances from Verizon earlier today that no Montanans will be involuntarily removed from their contract. They will instead have the option of choosing between alternative Verizon plans, or finding a different carrier.

“Living out in Hammond, Montana cell service can sometimes be a challenge,” said Courtney Higgins, owner of Rodeo Rigs. “When Verizon notified me that my service would be cut, I contacted Senator Tester’s office because this would have serious consequences on our way of life. I’m pleased Verizon reversed course and I want to thank Senator Tester for his work on this important issue.”

Tester’s letter to Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam is available HERE.