Senator Invites Trump to Montana, Pushes For Transparent Tax Reform Bill That Creates Jobs and Doesn’t Add to the Debt

Tester to Trump: Let’s Work Together to Simplify the Tax Code

(U.S. Senate) – U.S. Senator Jon Tester is offering to work with President Trump to simplify, modernize, and reform the nation’s tax code.

Tester today sent a letter to President Trump offering to join the President during his reported upcoming visit to Montana. Tester’s letter also outlines his own tax reform priorities as Congress discusses tax reform proposals.

“I appreciate your stated willingness to simplify and modernize our tax code and believe we can work together to provide the certainty small businesses and families in Montana and across our nation need to make long-term decisions and create more good-paying, American jobs,” Tester wrote. “I look forward to working with you in an open and transparent manner, and I would welcome an opportunity to join you in Montana if I am able for this important discussion.”

Tester also emphasized concern over the growing national debt, and in his letter he urged President Trump to consider the impact of tax reform on future generations.

“I strongly believe that no tax reform proposal should add to our debt,” Tester added. “I understand that not everyone in Washington D.C. agrees with me on this point. But I believe we can create jobs and spur economic growth without saddling our kids and grandkids with more debt.”

Tester was extremely critical earlier this year when a handful of Senators drafted a secret health care bill without public involvement. To ensure that input from Montanans is included in any tax reform legislation, Tester is demanding an open, transparent tax reform debate.

“Mr. President, I believe any eventual tax reform proposal needs to be crafted in the light of day through a bipartisan process, incorporating the perspectives of Americans who live in rural states like Montana,” added Tester.

Last week, it was reported that Trump is planning to visit Montana to promote tax reform. Earlier this summer, Tester also invited the President to Montana for a firsthand look at Montana’s record-breaking wildfire damage.

Tester’s letter to Trump is available HERE.