Tester Invites President Trump to Visit Wildfire Ravaged Montana

Senator Urges the President to Tour One of Montana’s Major Fires

(U.S. Senate)- U.S. Senator Jon Tester invited President Donald Trump to tour Montana’s wildfires today.

“Wildfires are raging across our great state and we need folks in Washington D.C. to understand the challenges we are facing,” said Tester. “I invited President Trump to Montana so he can hear from the folks on the ground about what resources we need to fight these fires and what our communities need to recover from this brutal fire season.”

Yesterday, Tester took to the Senate floor to educate his colleagues on the needs of Montana during this fire season.

Last week, Tester secured more than $3 million in Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) grants for Montana.

Last month, at Tester’s urging, FEMA granted emergency funding for the Lodgepole Complex Fire.

Montanans impacted by wildfires can contact Tester’s office HERE if they need help navigating federal disaster assistance.

Tester’s letter to President Trump can be found HERE.