After Tester Turns Up the Heat on Secretary DeVos, Education Department Reverses Course on University of Montana Grant

Senator Delivers Grant for First-Generation and Low-Income Students

(Big Sandy, Mont.) – After a prolonged fight with the Department of Education, U.S. Senator Jon Tester has secured a grant to fund University of Montana’s Upward Bound program, which helps first generation, low-income students attend college.

Today, the Department of Education announced a $356,313 grant award for the University of Montana’s Upward Bound program.

“This is a big win for Montana students who would not be able to attend college without this funding,” Tester said. “After telling the success stories of Upward Bound students, holding Secretary DeVos accountable, and introducing legislation, I am pleased to see the Department of Education reversed its irresponsible decision. We need to be making it easier for young people to get an education not throwing up ridiculous red tape and bureaucratic hurdles that keep students from success.”

Secretary DeVos previously rejected the University of Montana’s application because one page of its application was not double spaced. Tester held DeVos’ feet to the fire and called on the Department to reverse its decision.

Tester introduced legislation to withhold Secretary DeVos’ office budget if she continued to ignore Congress. Tester inserted a provision in the federal budget requiring the Department of Education to review University of Montana’s revised application.