Tester Backs Trump’s FBI Nominee

Tester Urges Christopher Wray to Crack Down on Crime, Meth Use in Montana

(U.S. Senate)-U.S. Senator Jon Tester today backed Christopher Wray, President Trump’s nominee to serve as Director of the FBI.

Tester has supported more than 20 of Trump’s nominees.

Tester met with Wray last month and endorsed his nomination after receiving answers to specific challenges facing Montana.

“I am confident that Director Wray will be a strong, independent leader who will hit the ground running and take on the challenges facing many Montana communities,” Tester said. “During our conversation, Director Wray assured me that he is committed to curbing the meth epidemic and prosecuting violent criminals in Montana. I am going to hold him accountable to his words and I look forward to working with him and local law enforcement to make our communities even safer.”

During his meeting with Wray, Tester raised issues specific to Montana and encouraged him to work closely with Montana law enforcement officials to address the state’s largest public safety issues.

Tester emphasized the growing meth epidemic in Montana and received assurance that Wray will work closely with local police to eliminate the use, trafficking, and manufacturing of meth in Montana. The rate of hospital admissions due to meth overdoses in Montana is currently above the national average and has more than doubled in recent years.

Tester has been pushing the Trump Administration to identify solutions to the rising meth problem in Montana, and he has been critical of the administration’s attempt to gut 95 percent of funding from the Office of National Drug Control Policy as opioid and meth use is rising.

Tester also encouraged Wray to prioritize prosecuting crimes in Indian Country, investigating sexual assaults on college campuses, and the ongoing independent investigation into Russia’s cyberattack on America’s democracy.